Sugar – more than a sweetener


Sugar is a completely natural product that is found in all plants. Sugar is very important for taste; it doesn't just sweeten, but can also balance or round off other taste sensations. Today sugar is available in many varieties and can therefore be used in a large number of different food products.

As well as providing sweetness and energy, sugar also gives volume and consistency to many food products. Sugar also has preservative and moisture-retaining properties in e.g. marmalade and bread. The fruit taste of drinks and preserves is enhanced, and sugar helps to retain colour in jams and marmalades.

In the baking of bread and rolls, sugar and syrup provide nourishment for the yeast and give the baked product a nice colour on the surface as well as contributing to the well-known aroma of freshly baked bread. Sugar is used in ice cream to reduce the freezing point so that the ice cream can be eaten as soon as it is taken out of the freezer.