Tips to create mouth-watering and festive delights this festive season with Siúcra


The festive season is synonymous with home baking and Siúcra is a key ingredient for creating extra special after dinner treats. Stock up on some baking essentials this Christmas and impress loved ones, charm relatives and amaze friends with some sweet and savoury dishes.

Create a sophisticated touch to every dish using Siúcra Roll Out Icing Sugar which comes in a 454g pack. This easy-to-use and time-saving cake covering gives a satin smooth and elegant finish to show stopping Christmas cakes, puddings and toppings, it can also be coloured and moulded to create beautiful sugar decorations to add the finishing touches to your festive desserts.

Siúcra Royal Icing Sugar, 350g, is ideal for pipe decorating, frosting and adding a traditional hard-set finish to cakes. Quick and easy to prepare, simply add water to create a white icing that dries smooth, with a hard, matte finish. Royal Icing Sugar is an essential when creating fun-filled gingerbread houses as it acts as the glue.

If you're an infrequent baker, you’ll need to stock up on the essential brown sugars to see you through the festive baking season. Siúcra Rich Dark Brown Sugar, Light Golden-Brown Sugar and Demerara Brown Sugar, all add a great depth of flavour and colour to any recipe. They are available in 400g and 500g packs and are innovatively packaged in stand up re-sealable pouches to protect the sugar from moisture and prevent spillages.  The distinctive flavours of brown sugar make it an ideal ingredient for traditional baking including Christmas cakes and puddings, gingerbread cupcakes and decadent hot chocolate treats. As well as satisfying your sweet tooth with richly flavoured desserts, Siúcra’s range of brown sugars can also be used for savoury recipes such as ham glazes, chilli dip and a variety of chutneys and marinades.

Christmas is the perfect time to spend some quality time in the kitchen cooking up an array of sweet and savoury delights which are ideal for entertaining during the festive season.

Nordzucker (Ireland) Ltd is one of the leading sugar distributors in Ireland providing retailers and consumers across the country with an extensive range of sugar products under the Siúcra brand.

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