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455g Siúcra granulated sugar
200ml cold water
1 Tbsp liquid glucose
9 sheets of gelatine
2 large egg whites
1 Tsp vanilla extract
Sunflour oil for greasing tray
Cornflour and icing sugar for dusting

Soak the gelatine in 140 ml of cold water until it becomes soft.

Put granulated sugar, glucose and 200 ml of water in to a heavy based saucepan. Bring to the boil and cook until it reaches 127 C on a sugar thermometer.

Very carefully add the water and gelatine to the hot sugar mixture. This will bubble so be careful not to burn yourself. Pour into a metal or glass jug.

Beat the egg whites with an electric whisk. When they begin to fluff up continue beating but reduce the speed then slowly pour in the sugar syrup. It will start to thicken. Add vanilla the extract whisk for 5 minutes until the mixture is stiff enough to hold its own shape.

Lightly grease a shallow tray with oil then dust with icing sugar and cornflour. Pour in marshmallow mix leave to set in the fridge for one hour.

Cut into squares, place on a wire rack allow to dry. You can flavour and colour to the marshmallows with a few drops of extract and food colouring.

Recipe provided by Louise Lennox