Bake with
Summer berries

Bake with the summer's berries and take homemade goodies to your next party. A pie or cake filled with fresh, tangy berries goes perfectly with afternoon coffee. Make the most of the summer berries and celebrate the holidays!

Peach and vanilla cupcakes

Strawberry And Mint Brioche Scrolls

Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte with Raspberries

Summer fruits galette

Strawberry Muffins with Strawberry Icing

Crispy Blueberry Bars

Strawberry Rhubarb muffins with crumble topping

Swiss Roll with Meringue Butter Cream

Chocolate Berry Meringue Cake

Individual Blackberry Cobblers

Lemon Coconut Strawberry Squares

Strawberry Crème Pâtissière Tart

Crystallised flowers

You can use the flowers to decorate cakes, tarts, confectionery and desserts.

Pick and dry some beautiful flowers, e.g. lilac, violets or roses. Dip or paint them with pasteurised egg white, then dip them in sugar. Leave the flowers to dry on a grate.

Blueberry Poke Cake

Lemon and raspberry layer cake

Summer Berry Tart & Lemon and Lime Lemonade

Eton mess cupcakes

Tartlets with Vanilla Cream and Fresh Berries

Blueberry and Strawberry Cinnamon Shortcakes

Summer berry cake

Mini raspberry swirl cheesecakes

Strawberry Muffins With Whipped Cream

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Blueberries – the best berry in the forest

Blueberries are definitely the best berry in the forest. Blueberry season tends to start in July and can extend into autumn. 

Apple times

One of the last fruits of summer is the apple – delicious, juicy and healthy. And you can use it in so many ways.

Jams and Marmalades

It is easy and fun to make your own jam and marmalade. The sugar enhances the flavour of the fruit you are using and ensures a longer shelf-life for your masterpiece.

Delicious chocolate

Mmm! What could be better than a rich, sumptuous chocolate cake to lift the spirits – either as an indulgent treat or to round off a meal.

Cheesecakes of every kind

How about serving up a creamy, tangy cheesecake rather than a regular cake at your party? Cheesecakes come in many different variations, forms and flavours.

Q and A

Helpful tips & ideas for baking. Here you can find answers to common questions.