Tinsel Cocktail

Makes 2
Clause a stir with these glamorous Tinsel cocktails. Garnish with a bright and elegant pineapple slice and you are bound to be on everyone’s nice list.
Tinsel Cocktail
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    To frost the glasses

    • 200g Siúcra Caster Sugar
    • 100ml water

    For the sugar syrup

    • 200g Siúcra Light Golden Brown Sugar
    • 300ml water

    For the cocktail

    • 3 passion fruits
    • 200ml tinned pineapple rings
    • 80ml vodka

    • Pieces of pineapple, to garnish
    • Ice cubes

    1.    To frost the glasses, dip the rims of the glasses into water and then into the Siúcra Caster Sugar.
    2.    To make the syrup, place the Siúcra Light Golden Brown Sugar and the water into a saucepan and heat until boiling, reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes until a light syrup forms. Leave to cool completely. 
    3.    Place the pineapple rings and some juice into a blender and puree until smooth.
    4.    Slice the passion fruit in half, and scoop into a sieve along with the pureed pineapple.  Press both through the sieve to collect the delicious juice.
    5.    Thread a few pieces of pineapple onto a cocktail stick.
    6.    Add ice into the glasses, followed by the vodka, 2 tbsp of the syrup and top it up with the pineapple passion fruit juice. Stir and float a pineapple skewer to each.

    Recipe supplied by Catherine Fulvio